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The midi mogul in training

Retired confrontationist. Novice beauty blogger. Aspirational gym mouse.

I'd say it all started when I read We Should All Be Millionaires. I know it sounds cliche but I now know with my whole heart that anything is possible if you have the resources, opportunity, and connection to your genius. In 2019 I got the resources, in 2020 I got the opportunity (long story), and in 2022 I realized that what I thought was the connection to my genius was exactly the thing preventing me from it! (I'm not gonna give away my secrets just yet- the goal is for you to stick around lol!)

After putting lots of energy into being a #shmillie, I realized that although being a millionaire sounds cool and all, as I grew into a connoisseur of the hella-soft, hella dope, hella well-rested life, I'm actually down with maintaining the high hundreds-thousands for now. No shade to anyone going for it tho, I support the vision, movement, and dedication, and I'll likely get back to it at some point... just not right now. Right now, I owe myself a lot of love and hugs. #longstory3

Oh yea, if you're wondering how this future high-hundred-thousandaire (maybe also millionaire) kicks ass professionally, check out or connect with me on LinkedIn!

I see storytelling as a tool for social change and my hope is that by sharing my story and connecting with other storytellers we can collectively ask deeper questions, interrogate our habitual norms, and make the movement of radical self-love bigger than we ever imagined. #imagineliberation ​ I call myself the retired confrontationist, but the truth is that I've just retired from the parts of the fight that required me to compromise my own health and wellness. Listening to my heart is what led me here, much like 20 years ago it led me to the moment that activated the bold, unafraid, uncompromising activist within me. I am still just as bold, unafraid, and uncompromising- it just looks a lot more like being a dedicated Auntie to some amazing humans and boundary setting/respecting friend. ​ All in all, I truly believe I'm here to change the world, and I believe that I'm doing that when I lip-synch Beyonce while wearing a fly-ass lipstick and super simple contour at Planet Fitness just as much as I believe I'm changing the world when I support my clients in developing engaging, culturally responsive, high impact content. Beauty, brains, and wellness- that's where I find balance, and I hope that you might too.


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