Brilliance Jones

a hella dope millennial entrepreneur

"My goal is simple- heal and grow

I use a few of my talents to disrupt old communication standards that make it hard for folks to connect. That looks like consulting, writing, and coaching other talented people in ways that make them feel brave and valued. 

I used to spend my free time trying to figure out life, but now I'm content just experiencing it. It's interesting - what becomes possible when you realize that things just are what they are. It's cool to find patterns and learn how to figure out the business side of things, but when it comes to life... the best thing you can do is choose to just vibe with the vibes. Anything other than that is gonna lead to stress, and ain't nobody got time for that!

Brilliance is the founder and owner of The Hella Brilliant Company and Bridging Allies Consulting. A Libra, Texas native and graduate of Sam Houston State University, her identifiers are she/her/Black.

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