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Finding my balance at the intersection of beauty, wellness, and brains as a hella brilliant midsized mogul in the making.

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Novice make-up attempts, the road to becoming a gym mouse, and letting go of all things confrontational to my well-being- I'm a millennial's millennial, and a Black girl's vision of adulting personified. 

I used to think I needed to become a skinny billionaire in order to achieve greatness and success. After some quiet time and a lot of not-so-quiet time to myself, I've realized that joy and rest are really the keys to life. My mission now is midsized mogul in the high six-figure range with vibrant skin, bi-weekly spa sessions,  and an extensive library of non-traumatic books written by folks who believe Black women like myself deserve happiness without compromise. 

I'm already hella brilliant-the goal now is to hold on to my balance! 

- Bri

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