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The Hella Brilliant Company offers high-quality communications and external engagement support including

  • Freelance copy and content writing

  • Narrative development

  • Ideation 

  • Facilitation

Through one on one engagement, team workshops, and an array of digital products we engage entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and transformative organizations in the process of amplifying their impact through strategic storytelling and culturally competent audience engagement. 

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A Note From the Founder

"My goal is to deconstruct those old communication standards that have kept folks from connecting and engaging. The digital world is amazing, but it needs to be more honest, accessible, and inclusive! The folks who are looking for what you are offering- conversation, opportunity, trinkets, or t-shirts, should know where to find you and how to engage with others who share their interests and values.


Language is power, and as long as I'm here, no one group will ever steal that power from the people again. I'm here to liberate language, so folks can liberate themselves!"

-Brilliance Jones, Founder & Senior Consultant/Writer, HELLA BRILLIANT

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